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Saturday, December 25, 2010

global warming

Sorry for the delay but it is Christmas. Global warming true or false?  Global warming is a fact. Therefore it is true. It started warming 10,000 or more years ago. The question is; are we making it worst by what we are doing to the environment? From the research work that I have been party too; that is still up for debate. We know that it will not rain if there is not dust in the air. Water vapor needs a dust particle to condense and form rain. It’s the stuff that we are putting into the air that maybe a problem. Does it stop or change the process, too much water vapor in the air would start another ice age.  Twentieth century man and machine was not around when the last ice age started. We know that plants remove carbon dieoxide(CO2) from the air and give off oxygen. We need oxygen to live, so we need to keep as many plants growing as we can.  All the energy that we depend on today came from the sun millions of years ago. It has been stored in coal, oil, water, and radioactive rocks. Some of which we may run out of. Do we need to run around like Chicken Little or join a pray group of a doomsday profit? I don’t think that we can stop the sun from shining but there may be some dam fool that may want to try. I think we need to do more research to find out just what impact we are having on global warming.  

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Becca said...

To go along with your last sentence: Science is always proving its self wrong. 2 years ago, everyone was convinced that we were going to end up living on a fireball. Yet 8 years ago, people thought the exact opposite. There is no set in stone answer. Science will never stop. This is a fact that we all live with even though some of us choose to ignore it.

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