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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Global warming?

Global warming? Well men have talking about the weather since they started to talk.  We talk about it, but no one does anything about it. Or have we. We have prayed for rain, we have prayed for snow, we have prayed for sun.  We have prayed for wind.  We have tried to forecast the weather. With all our modern technology the best we can do is make a guess as to what the weather will be.  Back when I was a child going to school. The teachers would meet us at the door with a wet brown paper towel too wash the soot off our hands and face.  The order of the day was burning wood and coal. The winter weather was cold and with the temperature inversion the soot would hang in the air, as well as the smell of sulfur.  That changed with the use of natural gas and diesel. So I guess we have made a change in the weather. What we do; does have an effect on the weather. The question is; are we making changes that will make the world a bad place to be? There is no one around that was here when the warming started. Will there be any one around when it stops? We, I do not know. Can we put our faith in the hands of the energy greedy life we are living?  Can we trust the power greedy politician to make thing right? Can we have hope in that the researcher can find the answer?  Can we trust the wealthy greedy industries to stop putting stuff in to the water and air that is aiding the warming effect?

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Jerly said...

Preserving environment is possible if there is cash to be earned from acts that preserve the environment (not wealth, for wealth is not noticed unless it is as cash :)...)Lot of thought has to go into making cash flow from acts that preserve the environment..This is just a far fetched idea but someone has to make it possible really ...

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