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Monday, December 27, 2010

It’s getting hotter!

It’s getting hotter!  Most people don’t understand what the researcher / scientist do. Scientist ask these six question; who, why, when, where, what, and how. They report what they have found, and then they try to come with an explanation as to the same six. They have reported that the data shows a change in the rate that the climate is warming. They are looking at ways to slow the process or turn it around. The warming is a natural event, what is not natural is the cutting down large areas of rain forest, releasing gases in to the atmosphere that can change the process. We just don’t know to what extent we are changing the process or if we can.  We don’t know how or why the planet is warming. We don’t know if we have anything to do about it.  But they see a change in the rate. Man has done some pretty amazing thing since he has been around. We have gone from living in the Stone Age to reaching for the stars. Are we playing with fire? Will the earth and its nature, and god save us from our ignorance and arrogance?  
I am 64 year old, and have worked in research and on studies of the climate. Back in the 19 sixties someone found a hole in the Ozone layer down at the South Pole. Many people started to run around like Chicken Little.  But when the shock and alarm was over and the research was still being done, fluorocarbons were ban and stoped being made, used or put into the atmosphere. The Truth of the hole in the ozone layer is it has all ways been there. It is natural it changes size and depth with solar flare active and the amount of electrical discharge “lighting “ in our atmosphere, as well as the arcing of electrical devices and other natural ozone generating causes.  Ozone is a charge ion of oxygen. Like charge particles repel leaving a space or hole between them. We are still learning about the Ozone layer. Did we have to stop the use of fluorocarbons? That is still in learn more goto

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