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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just a little bit more about me

I have the problem that is call dyslexia… somehow along the way getting to where I am today. Things got a little mixes up and kind of cross wired. In my mine all is clear and looks fine to me. However when I try to spell or type something that's when things get a little messed up. My fingers cannot keep up with my thoughts and they keep interrupting my train of thought by hitting the wrong key. It's not all bad I have found that I can use the problem of seeing thing a little backwards. I guess most people see thing just one way, I don't! I see many way to say or do things. I can take a group of random thoughts and make sense of them. In troubleshooting, that comes in quit handy. I can visualize how to make something not work. Therefore I can see how to make it work. I cannot spell a word I find another that will do the job. MS Word almost makes me literate. At least it let me know that I misspelled a word. However it does not put the "ed's" or the "s's "that I thought I had wrote, some time I miss a whole word, and I have to read what I wrote outloud to find that I miss a word or two. Sometimes I will see a word that I have wrote that I do not recognize as being spelled wrong or the right one. It is spelled right but it's is the wrong word. And that can be very funny. I like to study physics, philosophy, theology, and science in general. My favorite philosopher's is Rena De Carte and all the old Greeks. This is not up for sell, and I don't know that I would get rid of the dyslexia it I could. Later!!!

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