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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lot number 6

Ok folks! We got a bucket of fresh interroggtaberry's just picked. The Indians call them tokno-italberrys! What am I bid for? Do we have a bid? These berries have been around a long time. Adam ate one and I guess Noah had some on the ark. There was this feller that had one hit him on head some time back. His name was Sir Isaac Newton. Will there have been a lot of people eat them. I must warren you. Kids especially 3 to 5 year old can have a problem with them. So ya mite want to keep them in a safe place. There is an art to eating them. It's kind of like eating watermelon ya got to spit out the seeds, and don't sallow. There is something that is incredible about them they come in six flavors all form the same tree. Ya got too watch for them youngen! They get the seeds stuck in their teeth. It can be a little ruff to get them out they just keep spiting. Hey!! Well alright now I have a five dollar bid; do I hear ten? There is a down side if you eat too many they can make you pull your hair out. I have seen some of them fellers go bald. But you know the minute you put one I your mouth your ears perk up and your eyes open wide. Ya kind get all excited and it sure feels good when you spit it out. I have twenty do I hear thirty?? Now the stem of them berries look like this [?]
as you can see they look like a hook. Well I have taken them and let them dry in the sun for a day or two. Then I take some line and tie them on and then tie the line on a willower. You guess it, go fishing. Well that brings up another problem with them berries, that stem, ya got to pull them off before you put them in your mouth else you might get hooked. That can hurt a little bit. I hear forty now fifty now fifty five do I hear sixty? Sixty going once, going twice, Sold! To the lady with the mouse scratches
one bucket of interrogatory all six flavors "who? Why? Where? When? What? And how?" Now ma that bucket is the bucket the cow step on; the bottom is a little loose and it won't hold water. So if you like I will put it all in a feed bag. Paper or plastic?
Foot note: When you fine a child that has started to use these, tell the truth as much there young minds can take. For the tech mined, and teachers these six words are the input statement to the programming of the human mind. You are what you eat. you reap what you sow.

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