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Thursday, December 16, 2010

More gift ideas

Well! If you're going to go hunting for a grizzly bar you'd better know what one looks like. Well maybe I can help? I have seen one or two I my days. A gift it's something that is given! It is given without strings but a ribbon and bow would be nice! It 'not always something that you can buy, put or hold in your hand. A gift is not the bait you go fishing with. Sometimes it's the thought, now I like thinking although it can be a bit of a chore at times, and I really would not want to make someone work. Now then I am not the boss and I'm no slave master either. Neither is a gift! I hear you say it's a Christmas gift and I'm going to tell it's not, it's a birthday gift! I see a lot of parties but it seem them partier forget just who's birthday it is. Giving gifts is the greatest joy I have ever known. The greatest gift is giving of myself to you. I don't have to rap it; it comes already too rap you with a great big grizzly bar hug, a smile for a ribbon and a big kiss for a bow. Well it's getting a bit cold; it looks like snow, so I have built a fire in my heart so if you huddle around it you can get warm. Hey!!! Mouse put up that Winchester!! Those reindeer are just too fast. I saw a turkey over there in the thicket! And there's a hog hanging in the smoke house!! Ya! I see them there reindeer tracks what do you want? Reindeer track soup for Christmas dinner! Ya! Ya! I know more reindeer tracks! >>>>>>>>>>
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merry chirstmas lol

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