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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Something I need to share

Well just cleaning up around here and seeing what I have got here. It seems strange the things that we put here in the garage, all the boxes, wrapping paper, and empty containers. There one that I found that is a hart shaped box that had candy in it that I shared with someone. Its velvet cover is faded, the ribbon and bow have been torn and mash down. It looks like the mouse had taken a bite or two out of it. The candy was eaten long ago. When I look back I remember the fun and the thoughts and feeling that were shared. I still can share the things that came in the box, the fun and the thoughts and feeling. The shape of it is within me. I guess it is time to let go of the box. But when I see someone that I shared it with I can see all that was in the box is still here to be shared. I will miss not having that box to put thing in, but that box could not hold all that it did share. Although the box is broken and gone the fun, laughter, thoughts, and the feelings are still here. My heart is heavy with the memories and full of love for all of you that shared this box with me. My uncle passed away today.

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