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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Talk, talk, talk;

Talk, talk, talk; well that is what I have been doing here, is just that talk. It’ up to each of us to do, think about what we do, change the way we do. If ever one would stand up and be counted, and take the responsibility head on. It will make a deference. Here are the things I am doing to ebb the rate of global warming. I have made my home as energy efficient as I can; I recycle paper, cans, plastic, and glass. I mow my lawn with an electric mower. I barbeque using a propane gas grill in steed of burning wood or charcoal, although I think the food tastes better cook over an open wood fire.  One thing I need to do is get I better truck, the one I drive is a 1985 ford 150. It looks good runs good and is a good old truck. If anyone would like to donate or buy me a new one that would be well like. But my old truck still meets the emission standards as set today. I encourage friends and family to do that they can to help.  I started this series of post because of a young lady, who I thought was much older started a discussion on blogger with the question “global warming true or false?” We and some others have had a good debate on this. I believe it is still going on. In the dead of winter I saw a new plant push it head though the snow and is blossoming into a bright new tomorrow. Becca my hopes and prays are with you. My work has been that of an engineering tech. responsible for environmental testing, hand on, of several projects studying the effects of technology on the environment. I’m no expert on this subject. From the data I have seen it is a problem and is true, how serious it is I cannot answer that. Should we be concerned, yes!  Are we headed in the right direction? I hope we are. The biggest concern is carbon dioxides that is and easy one. More trees, green plant, less carbon dioxides producing plants, green plants remove carbon dioxide from the air. If you remember health class we breathe out carbon dioxide. The green plants need us and we need them to live. This is the last of this series. Tomorrow I think I will take at look at 2010 and see what lay ahead 2011. Thank you for your time and god bless.

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