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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lot 44.40

Troubleshooting tool. For the next week or two I am going to share my troubleshooting / problem solving theory, model, and experience. Although it was intended for mechanic, electrician, and electronic tech, crosses training it can be used by house wives or anyone who want to do problem solving. I developed the training course for the US military civilian maintenance workforce. The full course took 500 hours and covered subject that will not be covered here.  I will talk about the history of troubleshooting, some methods’ and how to use them and some definitions. This is a basic course and a good foundation to build on.  I will try to keep it interesting and not boar you with tech terms. You’re going to need I few item for this training; one ball and box (preferably black) that has a lid or means to close it, a deck of standard playing card. You do not have to go out and buy them if you can imagine them in your mine that will be fine. The size of the ball should be big enough to fill the box and be able to close the box. The playing card will be used later on in the course. For now put the ball in the box and close it up, and put it where you can see it but not out of your mine. This is not some kind of magic trick or some Zen mind game. There is a question and answer box on the right side of this page, please use it. I will try to answer it live or as some as possible. Let’s get started. Everyone was born with the ability to troubleshoot and or problem solve. From the first breath we start troubleshooting. A baby cry to get the thing the environment tells it that it needs. Parents troubleshoot the baby needs to get it to stop crying. A person has more than five senses.  You should be aware of the five external senses, most of us do not think of our internal senses.  They are automatic; they tell you that you are hot or cold, tired or hungry, wellbeing, balance; we could go on with those senses. But for now just think about the thing that go on in your body that we do not think of normally. What are the things your body is telling you?  The first problem solvers; solve the problem of clothing, fire and the wheel. The came up with solution to get food, and shelter, it is so simple that cave men did it. You could say they were pretty smart for an uneducated beast. However most were graduates of Hard Luck Rock University.  Some had a PhD’s that is post hole digger. The method they most likely used was trial and error better known as “it didn’t work try something else”.  Trial and error does get results but it takes time and resources. As Thomas Edison said” I know one thousand ways that the light bulb won’t work” when ask by a banker/ investor as to his progress.
Tomorrow we will look at some more methods and history.  Your home work assignment: think about the box with the ball inside see if you can figure out how it can help you troubleshoot.
Please note the person that is writing this is dyslectic and does do my own proof reading I miss seeing that the tense of a word is wrong and I mentally put in words that I did not type. If you find something that I missed let me know I will fix it. Till tomorrow think about it. God bless and thank you for your time.

First hours, minutes, 2011?

First hours, minutes, 2011? I went to bed at 9:30 pm mountain standard time December 31, 2010 and got up at 4:58 am mountain standard time January 1, 2011. I didn’t stay up to see the New Year in because I had seen it had all ready got here in New York. So I figured that waiting for it to get here was a waist on time, besides that I was sleepy.  I have checked the news and my mail. It’s seems that nothing has happen than, that I am still here! So I guess that it is time for a new year’s resolution. It is the same one that I have been working on for some sixty plus years. It is to be better than I am. Too do better that I did yesterday. I don’t think I can be better than anyone else because I am me. If I tried to be someone else, I would fail because I can only be me.  This does not mean that I am better than anyone else; it just means that I am the only one who can be better at being me. If you think about it you cannot be better than me, you can only be better than yourself. Now I need help from family, friends, you, and my enemies’, to be better than me. Learning from my enemies, helps me to repair what is broken about me and be a better friend, and a better person. Support from family, friends, and you; helps me be better than I am. If this all seems a bit confusing and self-centered, you are right. It is to me too, most of the time.  Thank you for your support and time, god bless.

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 let me see.

2010 let me see. I need to put on my glasses; I see that there is a story that needs telling. When my grandson was about four maybe six we had a day together just him and me. We went to a rail museum, he like trains and trolleys, he watched Thomas the tank engine, and the trolley on Mr. Rogers’ show, and the western trolley museum trolley park was, well I had the tickets.  We had a great time riding the trolleys they would go out about three mile or so. They would come back and a different one would be waiting to take us out again. I guess we travel a couple hundred miles. Well it was time to get something to eat. So we stop at a hamburger joint to have a bite. When the waitress brought our meal she ask my grandson if he was going to grow up to be a cowboy like his grandpa?  Well that did not set to will with him! He said “my grandpa is not a cowboy he is a spaceman and he fix’s things “!! We ate our meal and I was leaving a tip for the waitress. She said “that she had all ready been paid by my grandson and that it was priceless”.  Hey! Wait a minute! These aren’t my glasses it’s my binoculars’ where is my glasses?  2010, well there has not been too many things good to say about it. The economy has not been very good, too many people out of work, the weather hasn’t been that great, the fishing it’s been poor. It’s seems like everything has slowed down, and that can’t be too bad. People mite pause long enough to think and find a better way of doing things. I have found some old friends and met some new ones. This old world is traveling at 70,000 miles per hour unlike the trolley it’s not going to stop to let us get on another one. It’s going to keep going around the same old track. I see mile post 2011 is getting close. I can’t see around the bended, but I have seen a few signs that say there are going to be some exciting things up ahead. So set down and buckle up. It’s going to be a wild ride. Have a happy New Year. Thank you for your time and god bless!

PS: when the conductor comes around, tell him that the guy with the crown of thrones in the back car has the tickets.  

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Talk, talk, talk;

Talk, talk, talk; well that is what I have been doing here, is just that talk. It’ up to each of us to do, think about what we do, change the way we do. If ever one would stand up and be counted, and take the responsibility head on. It will make a deference. Here are the things I am doing to ebb the rate of global warming. I have made my home as energy efficient as I can; I recycle paper, cans, plastic, and glass. I mow my lawn with an electric mower. I barbeque using a propane gas grill in steed of burning wood or charcoal, although I think the food tastes better cook over an open wood fire.  One thing I need to do is get I better truck, the one I drive is a 1985 ford 150. It looks good runs good and is a good old truck. If anyone would like to donate or buy me a new one that would be well like. But my old truck still meets the emission standards as set today. I encourage friends and family to do that they can to help.  I started this series of post because of a young lady, who I thought was much older started a discussion on blogger with the question “global warming true or false?” We and some others have had a good debate on this. I believe it is still going on. In the dead of winter I saw a new plant push it head though the snow and is blossoming into a bright new tomorrow. Becca my hopes and prays are with you. My work has been that of an engineering tech. responsible for environmental testing, hand on, of several projects studying the effects of technology on the environment. I’m no expert on this subject. From the data I have seen it is a problem and is true, how serious it is I cannot answer that. Should we be concerned, yes!  Are we headed in the right direction? I hope we are. The biggest concern is carbon dioxides that is and easy one. More trees, green plant, less carbon dioxides producing plants, green plants remove carbon dioxide from the air. If you remember health class we breathe out carbon dioxide. The green plants need us and we need them to live. This is the last of this series. Tomorrow I think I will take at look at 2010 and see what lay ahead 2011. Thank you for your time and god bless.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

looking back

I was born in Grand Island, Nebraska 1946 I don’t remember much about the way things were then. It wasn’t till about 1950 that I started to remember things; people still used horse and wagons in rural areas. In town cars were the way to get around. The air was clean but the smell of exhausts fume; well I preferred the smell of the milk barn. It did not burn my eyes. I love going to the mountains’ the air was cleaner and the smoke and smells of the camp fire with eggs and bacon coffee cooking. Is something you don’t forget? We would see deer, bears, squirrels, and porcupines. The fishing wasn’t bad either! Today you don’t see bears, or porcupines. The air smells of car exhaust.  The camp fire and the smells of the eggs and bacon, coffee don’t smell as nice. You don’t see as many deer or squirrels. In town the air smells bad, you have hard time breathing, your eyes burn from all the car exhaust. My kids and grand kids will never know what it was like back in 1950 and their kids and grandkids won’t know what it is like now. I hope that it will be better than it was when I was little.
I remember getting in a little trouble back then. I kind of make I mess out of the barn and my dad’s work shop and let the cows out. My grandmother was staying for a visit got after me and told me to wait till my dad got home. My dad worked for the railroad and was gone a lot. She had me start cleaning up the mess. I knew that dad would not be very happy when he saw the mess I had made.  When he got home he made me cleaning up the whole place and fix the things I broke, and round up the cows.
We all at least most all of us are waiting for our father in heaven to come home. I don’t think he is going to be happy with us and the way we have made a mess out of our home. We have been like children with the new toys tearing up the carpet and the garden, stinking up the air with our new chemistry Set. We have been given fair warning of what he will do when he come home. I don’t know when he will get home, but I think we had better get busy clean up the mess.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

“Walk softly and carry a big stick”

“Walk softly and carry a big stick” it was “speak softly and carry a big stick “Teddy Roosevelt 1902. A great man and someone that I admire, from what I have read and learn about him I believe we would have been bullish buddy, friends, sole mates, brothers, comrades. We, I believe share many thing in common.  He loves nature and animals on all kind. Today I thank he would say use the big stick. Will the Teddy Bear be the only bear that my great great grandkids see?  Will Yellowstone become a Disney world theme park, some say it already has?  Will the only tree be the plastic Christmas tree that they know or see? Is this what is coming in 2011 and beyond? There are a very few things that I can agree on with Mister Obama one is cleaner renewable energy. When we changed burning coal and wood to natural gas the air was cleaner. When some makes a killing on a new energy source, you won’t find any gasoline anywhere except at a museum. The giants of the oil industry will and are fighting to keep that from happen. In the mean time the global warming is getting worse! There those that say let god take care of it, put it in his hands, I think that he provided us the problem for us to solve. He put it in our hands! Natural gas, hydrogen, solar, wind, methane, all is clean and or renewable energy.  Being environmentally conscious is not a fashion statement. It means to think, practices, and clean up the mess we have made. The big money, goevrment, banks, investors, and industry, are not going to do it till they can see a profit in doing so. to learn more goto

Monday, December 27, 2010

It’s getting hotter!

It’s getting hotter!  Most people don’t understand what the researcher / scientist do. Scientist ask these six question; who, why, when, where, what, and how. They report what they have found, and then they try to come with an explanation as to the same six. They have reported that the data shows a change in the rate that the climate is warming. They are looking at ways to slow the process or turn it around. The warming is a natural event, what is not natural is the cutting down large areas of rain forest, releasing gases in to the atmosphere that can change the process. We just don’t know to what extent we are changing the process or if we can.  We don’t know how or why the planet is warming. We don’t know if we have anything to do about it.  But they see a change in the rate. Man has done some pretty amazing thing since he has been around. We have gone from living in the Stone Age to reaching for the stars. Are we playing with fire? Will the earth and its nature, and god save us from our ignorance and arrogance?  
I am 64 year old, and have worked in research and on studies of the climate. Back in the 19 sixties someone found a hole in the Ozone layer down at the South Pole. Many people started to run around like Chicken Little.  But when the shock and alarm was over and the research was still being done, fluorocarbons were ban and stoped being made, used or put into the atmosphere. The Truth of the hole in the ozone layer is it has all ways been there. It is natural it changes size and depth with solar flare active and the amount of electrical discharge “lighting “ in our atmosphere, as well as the arcing of electrical devices and other natural ozone generating causes.  Ozone is a charge ion of oxygen. Like charge particles repel leaving a space or hole between them. We are still learning about the Ozone layer. Did we have to stop the use of fluorocarbons? That is still in learn more goto

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Global warming?

Global warming? Well men have talking about the weather since they started to talk.  We talk about it, but no one does anything about it. Or have we. We have prayed for rain, we have prayed for snow, we have prayed for sun.  We have prayed for wind.  We have tried to forecast the weather. With all our modern technology the best we can do is make a guess as to what the weather will be.  Back when I was a child going to school. The teachers would meet us at the door with a wet brown paper towel too wash the soot off our hands and face.  The order of the day was burning wood and coal. The winter weather was cold and with the temperature inversion the soot would hang in the air, as well as the smell of sulfur.  That changed with the use of natural gas and diesel. So I guess we have made a change in the weather. What we do; does have an effect on the weather. The question is; are we making changes that will make the world a bad place to be? There is no one around that was here when the warming started. Will there be any one around when it stops? We, I do not know. Can we put our faith in the hands of the energy greedy life we are living?  Can we trust the power greedy politician to make thing right? Can we have hope in that the researcher can find the answer?  Can we trust the wealthy greedy industries to stop putting stuff in to the water and air that is aiding the warming effect?

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