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Monday, January 24, 2011

lot of drums

At some time in the past man started to communicate; he would haler, bang rock together, and beat on hollow logs. Then came fire and smoke, mirrors, flags and bells; these were line of sight or in range of hearing communactions. Writing on stone and clay then parchment with written word a runner would take the message. In the case of marathon the runner ran 26 miles. There were birds that were use to send a message. The distance a man could communicate was getting greater and the time shorter.
Relay runners and rider increase the distance, then came the wire and radio, now man could communicate around the world. The only problem is the curse of Babel, the confusion of language. In the early day of wire communication the code of Samuel Morris was used to send a message. Telegraph operators would bang away on telegraphers key and use abbreviations to speed up and shorten the message (snd ...... stop) in radio Q signals were used (CQ DX QSO QSL) and 10 signals (10-4 10 -99 10 -100). If you did not or do not know the meaning of these signals or codes you could not understand the message. Today cell phone txting has shortened and confused language. On the web programmers have shorten whole sentences and paragraphs in order to save space in memory. A picture of a rose does not smell as sweet. “LoL” laugh out loud, “lol” lots of love? “Lamo” I don’t know? Would It be alright if I said thank you for your time and god bless!

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