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Sunday, January 9, 2011

lot 44.40-8

Good morning class! Energy is all around us in many forms, solar, electrical, chemical, bio-chemical, mechanical, atomic, are own bodies uses all that I have listed. To use energy we have to have it in a form necessary for the work we want it to do. We have to change its form to the form we need. We regulate it, we convert it, we store it, and we cannot destroy it. Energy after we use it, it returns to its natural state. Think of this; take a pan of water set it on a flat level surface, look at the water, it is clam, now put your hand in it. The water forms around your hand, it rises in the pan, now take your hand out, the water returns back to the state that it was when we started.

From the model, it shows that energy is processed and output in a form of energy that we can use. The model works all the way down to the atomic level. From the simplest to the most complex of anything on this earth it works. To use the model to troubleshoot, look at the overall state of what you are trying to repair, break it down to the links of a chain, a chain of the models, it would look like this:
Note: that the energy output of the first model is the energy source for the next, also in this model that energy output is not happy, and the final output is smaller and not happy. Note that the box is different, something is wrong with the box [process]. Where do you think the trouble is? The lines that connect the elements of the model, if you look at them under a microscope, you would see that they are the same as the model. It is an infinite regression, a chain.

Let’s take out the playing cards. What do we know about the deck of cards? There are 52 cards. There are four suites. There are red cards and there are black cards. There face cards. There are numbered cards. Get someone to help with this. Take the deck and shuffle them till they are good and randomize. Have your assistant pick a card and look at so they can answer yes or no question about it. You have not seen the card. Now, ask the first question “is the card red?” now we have 26 cards. The next question “is it a face card?’ Now we have 6 or 20 cards. The next question” is it a club, or if the first answer red then is it a hart?” Now we have 3 or 10 cards. Next question “is it a female or is it odd?” now we have 2 or 5 cards. Next question “is it a jack or is it less than six?” Now we know that it is a king or we that have 3 cards left. I thing you can take it from here, base on the yes or no answers, you will know what the card is. Another way to find out what the card is is to look at the deck and see witch card is missing.

Troubleshoot, problem solving can be a skill or an art, practice makes trying a skill, learning makes it an art. This model works for me. It may not work for you. If you use it you can plug in your own knowledge and ideas to make it work for you. If you don’t understand the model and would like more information, you can ask your question here in the comments or in the question and answer box or email me at The key to the cookie problem is that Joe has 5 cookies. Well! This old Winchester is out of bullets and I will have to reload. Tomorrow I will start something new.

Final note: if this course was of any value to you and you can or if you want to. please pay me any amount that you can by donating. If you cannot that is ok.

Good luck, thank you for your time and god bless.

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