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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An honest man will be morally ethical; an ethically honest man is morally bankrupt. Ethic begs a white lie, and defaces truth. White lies open the door of deceit and cheating. Ask yourself if you are telling a story to stop or lessen someone’s pain, or are you easing your own. Be honest with yourself, use tack if the story may hurt someone’s feeling. That is good to be respectful of others feeling. But respect yourself. The truth always wins out; the white lie will make you the loser.
I have been too many good blogs and web pages; some are about things that I am not interested in like fashion, games, or products that I have no use for. Some of those I will be back to just to look. Site that run in your face popup ads, I run like will, I won’t be back. Site that set off my spy alert are to me dishonest. If you have some to sell present it, if it is of value it will sale and you will sale more because of being honest? Used car lot bait and switch, lost leader, sales tactic only make poor, poorer and the sale lot does not stay around long. We have seen how greedy and dishonest business practices have put the economy in ruin. Make your site sail in a free breeze and your sales will soar to lofty heights.
On the social media a mask or a suggestive nude only says you have something to hide or want to hide. A man or woman only needs to smile and wink to get any one attention. A mask begs the curious to seek what under the mask, and you know what, so does a smile. Think about what you are saying about yourself with your profile picture. Be it fact or fiction make sure your audience know the truth, a lie can’t fly it has no wings.
thank you for your time and god bless.

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