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Sunday, January 2, 2011

lot 44.40-1

“A Computer is only a mirror; it only reflect the intelligent operating it! “ (Roy A Durham 1980)
Good morning Class! The statement here I have used in every class I have taught.  I want you to think. The first class I taught was computer programming in basic. I could have just put the word “THINK!!” but it would not have made you think.  Back to the trial and error, one of the key instruments that are used is observation.  The cave men observed the ambush hunters like, lion, tigers, and bears oh my!  And then try to mimic what they observed. They observed how some animals’ fought off an attack, like badger throwing dirt and rocks or an ape with a stick. Parents observe a babies behavior to find that it has a dirty dipper. And in my case mimic, I have a bad gag reflex, so there is more the one mess to clean up, pun intended.   Have you thought about the ball and box? Do you have any ideas?  Another instrument used is substitution:   Auk to Aork, you do it; Trying to put a rope on a tiger. Replacing a component with another can or will not change the outcome.  Even a known good one may not change the problem, because it is not the root cause of the problem. Taking notes is an important instrument, I hope you are, it aides the next trail. So far we have look at the basics of troubleshooting, some of the components, and a wild guess as to the start of problem solving, and we put the ball in a box. Let’s take the ball out of the box and close the box.  It is not a cat however a cat does like to put a ball in a box. Or get in to the box. What do we know about a ball? It is round, it can be thrown. It won’t stay where you put it, unless you put it in a box.  Here it is an icon; it represents a source of energy. Everything needs a source of energy to exist.  Can you think of anything that exists without energy? This whole class is a source of energy. The conservation of energy theory state that matter and energy will form a ball or bubble therefore I use it to represent energy.   
Homework assignment: think about the ball and what it resents, think about energy.
Thank you for your time.Till next time god bless.                                                                                                                                                     

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