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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

lot 44.40-3

Good morning class! Just a quick review; we have looked at trial and error, observation, substitution, Signal tracing or tracking, recognizing the problem, and the ball. We have looked at how the cavemen may have done it. I have not gone over these in detail because most of you may have a general understanding of them. If asked I will go over any and all in more detail. Have you given any thought to the ball and what it represents? What about the box? It is like the ball it represents something. Think about the box, what it represents. It is more than a place to keep the ball! We have seen how troubleshooting started. Out of all we have discussed the first and most important is “recognizing the problem” it is the key to solving it. Taking notes learn all you can about the problem, and taking notes. How much of a problem is it, is it life threatening, or something that will fix itself. A bee sting can be life threatening for some but for most it will go away on its own. I believe that most everyone has used these tool at some time or other in our life.
Technology; when man started to build rather than uses what was there to be used. He had a plan; he designed building, tools and problems.  He made drawing and charts, builders notes, he used math to solve problems.  This is another problem, the drawing and charts, builder’s notes are not always available. They would be useful aid in troubleshooting.  One of the oldest and still used today and probably the first tool used is a rock. A man had a problem; he could not open a nut.  So he had a thought an idea, he pick up a rock and put the nut on another rock, and wham! Now he had two rocks a cut and bruised thumb a hammer, knife, and an ax, oh! He ate the nut. Problem solved.  If you think about this, the energy of the thought pasted trough his body, to the rock to the nut, and out of the rock. Because of the cut he found that rocks sharp edge could cut and be used to cut other things. He could use it to cut down a tree. He could make a boat, house and car, well maybe not a car. We have many hand tools in use today that are power by the energy of our thoughts.
Home work assignment: study this technology.  See how energy is used.
Till tomorrow thank you for your time and god bless.

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