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Thursday, January 6, 2011

lot 44.40-5

Good morning class! Failure mode analysis, what makes it fail? In most cases the root cause of failure in most problems is energy loss, and is typically in the form of heat. Understanding how things fail is another key and important factor in troubleshooting. When the caveman cracked the nut he used to much energy, the extra energy went into the nut and the rocks causing the nut and the first rock to split, some of the energy went into the thumb. Note: the caveman was most likely a cavewoman her name was necessity. This is not a play on word but a fact, based on the fact that infants cannot feed themselves and the food needs to be in a form that they can eat, and a woman is the care giver. This process of analyzing the problem is called logic. Here is another logic problem: there are two boys that have raided the cooker jar. The first boy, we will call him Joe, says to the other, we will call him sue, if you give me one of yours I will have as many as you? Sue said no! You give me one of yours and I will have twice as many as you. How many cookies does Joe have? How many cookies does Sue have? How many cookies are there total? This problem, to the best of my knowledge can only be solved by thinking it through, using logic. I have seen many try to solve it using math, but in the end they ask for or find the answer by think it through. I will give you the answer at the end of this course. If you would like to try more to these kinds of problems you can go to . It is good exercise for your mind and helps to improve your troubleshooting and problem solving skills. There many people who have thought about and wrote about logic from Aristotle to Zen Buda I have studied and read many for them but when it comes down to it I rely on good old horse scene. When I was about fifteen I worked, part time in the summer, for a radio and TV repair shop. Out back of the shop live two elderly ladies, they would supply me with bake goods and fresh vegetables from there garden, when I would be out back having my lunch. One day they ask if I or someone could look at the TV, It had not been working for some time. I ask the boss if I could go take a look at it and fix it if I could, because they had been so nice to me. He said that it was ok with him, he like they cookies too. I looked at the TV and it was the oldest one that had seen in some time, they said that it was bought by the father just after ww2. It was an old 24 inch round black and white consul, Hoffman TV. I found that the power cord was bad and I replace it with a new one. The ladies watch me work and were alarm at the dust and cat hair that I was cleaning out of it. I started to tune it up for the best picture and performance. I heard Them say they were not happy with the picture, this gave me concern for the picture was the best I have seen, you could see the single hairs of the news caster, so I set about trying to making it better. As I adjusted the picture it started to roll and I heard one of the ladies say she liked that one! I was in back of the set and could not see the picture. So I came around to the front and adjusted the vertical hold. Then she said: No the other one so I let the picture roll back a frame or two. And they talk for a minute and decided that was the best picture. I was finishing up and started to check the other channels, there were only three at that time, and the ladies were surprised to see that there were more channels. They had never turn the knobs other then the on off control. After a little training a glass of milk and some cookies, I pickup my tools and laughed and giggle all the way back to the shop, late from my lunch break but a wiser and better troubleshooter I be.
Home work assignment: study this technology. See how energy is used. Think about the box.
Till tomorrow thank you for your time and god bless.

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