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Friday, January 7, 2011

lot 44.40-6

Good morning class! Sorry! I am late, had some things to take care of. The next method we will look at is shotgun. Replacing all the parts in a given section of a system, this goes back to the trial and error, as well as the substation method. It can be effective in some cases, it can save some time, and it all depends on your aim. If you miss then it try, try again and it stop being cost effective. We have looked at most of the troubleshooting methods. There are other methods that are used but they are adaptation of these basic methods. When I was asked to develop and teach a troubleshooting course, I felt quite honored. I don’t believe that I am the best troubleshooter in town. However they felt that my track record of finding and solving problem was good enough. They want to know how I went about troubleshooting. They wanted the maintenance personnel to be able to do what I was doing. The mechanic, electrical tech, and the electronic tech do it the way I did it. My job was to break down the bearers between them and their trade so anyone of them could fix or repair the problem. A mechanic could replace a light bulb or an electrician could replace a drive belt. If you have ever work in a production facility you may have had this experience: the production line has stop the maintenance tech come and looks at the stoppage and says, that it is not his problem it is mechanical or its electrical, the next tech says the same thing. And the problem goes on and on. So a new method was needed to allow any tech to fix the problem. The military decided to create a group of front line troubleshooter that were not bound by trade restriction of mechanic and electrical and electronic techs cross train them so they could fix or repair the problem. As an engineering tech I was the one who would be call in to find the problem and then call in the correct trade tech to do the repair. My work experience and studies in most of the trades and sciences and a good understanding of the basic help me to design this course.
Home work assignment: review this technology. See how energy is used. Think about the box and the ball.
Till tomorrow thank you for your time and god bless.

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