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Saturday, January 8, 2011

lot 44.40-7

Good morning class! The ball and the box troubleshooting method. We have talk about the ball, and that it represents energy. Let’s take a look at the box; it represents [a process]. What can it do? A box is a container, it can store stuff, it can be used to transport stuff, and you can put things in to a box and take them out. You can and have put the ball into the box. The box with the lid closed, you cannot see what is in the box. Taking a look at caveman she had an idea (energy source) to take the rock (energy source) put it in her hand [process box] raise her arm ( processing energy) strike the nut (energy processed) and cracked the nut { desired output }. Look at this closely there are two energy sources the hand is the process was to mix the sources and output the energies for a desired output. Here is another example; the power cord that goes to the computer you are using. You have it plug into an energy source, and is plug into the computer, the cord is the box, it [process’s] the energy by transporting it from the wall to the computer. Here is another: a baby is hungry (energy source) he cries [process energy] you give him a bottle {desired input}. You where a box in this example, you heard the baby cry (energy source) you decided that he want a bottle [process] and gave him a bottle and he stop crying {desired out}. Graphically it looks like this:

The shapes are the sun (energy source, ball), black box [processing], and happy face {desired output}. This model is the basic design of all things. Taking another look at the caveman problem; the caveman received some feedback of energy it was process [box] by his thumb and output {undesired output} “#@&*” ouch. The math is: “Do” {desired output} equals “Es “(energy source) plus “P” [process]; (Do=Es+P).
Home work assignment: study this technology. See how energy is used. Think about the box and the ball. Tomorrow we will look at using this model to troubleshoot.
Till tomorrow thank you for your time and god bless.

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