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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lot 44.40

Troubleshooting tool. For the next week or two I am going to share my troubleshooting / problem solving theory, model, and experience. Although it was intended for mechanic, electrician, and electronic tech, crosses training it can be used by house wives or anyone who want to do problem solving. I developed the training course for the US military civilian maintenance workforce. The full course took 500 hours and covered subject that will not be covered here.  I will talk about the history of troubleshooting, some methods’ and how to use them and some definitions. This is a basic course and a good foundation to build on.  I will try to keep it interesting and not boar you with tech terms. You’re going to need I few item for this training; one ball and box (preferably black) that has a lid or means to close it, a deck of standard playing card. You do not have to go out and buy them if you can imagine them in your mine that will be fine. The size of the ball should be big enough to fill the box and be able to close the box. The playing card will be used later on in the course. For now put the ball in the box and close it up, and put it where you can see it but not out of your mine. This is not some kind of magic trick or some Zen mind game. There is a question and answer box on the right side of this page, please use it. I will try to answer it live or as some as possible. Let’s get started. Everyone was born with the ability to troubleshoot and or problem solve. From the first breath we start troubleshooting. A baby cry to get the thing the environment tells it that it needs. Parents troubleshoot the baby needs to get it to stop crying. A person has more than five senses.  You should be aware of the five external senses, most of us do not think of our internal senses.  They are automatic; they tell you that you are hot or cold, tired or hungry, wellbeing, balance; we could go on with those senses. But for now just think about the thing that go on in your body that we do not think of normally. What are the things your body is telling you?  The first problem solvers; solve the problem of clothing, fire and the wheel. The came up with solution to get food, and shelter, it is so simple that cave men did it. You could say they were pretty smart for an uneducated beast. However most were graduates of Hard Luck Rock University.  Some had a PhD’s that is post hole digger. The method they most likely used was trial and error better known as “it didn’t work try something else”.  Trial and error does get results but it takes time and resources. As Thomas Edison said” I know one thousand ways that the light bulb won’t work” when ask by a banker/ investor as to his progress.
Tomorrow we will look at some more methods and history.  Your home work assignment: think about the box with the ball inside see if you can figure out how it can help you troubleshoot.
Please note the person that is writing this is dyslectic and does do my own proof reading I miss seeing that the tense of a word is wrong and I mentally put in words that I did not type. If you find something that I missed let me know I will fix it. Till tomorrow think about it. God bless and thank you for your time.

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