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Thursday, January 13, 2011

lot more cause

The special interest groups are many and most are good ideas or at least they want you to believe they are. I am a Christian; I was taught to love my neighbor, too care for life in any form. There is no one that I would not seat at my table and have a meal with. When I lesson or look at the different causes I look for the motive of the founders and advocates of the cause. Growing up I would tell stories and my grandma and pa would tell me to mine my “P’s” and “Q’s”. As a five year old I did not know what that meant. In collage some forty later I got the answer. The premise and the consequence of the story; true or false, right or wrong, I write stories here some are based in fact other are just stories to entertain and make people laugh. The premise is that people will pay me to write, the consequence is I am still broke. The premise of many special interest groups is the same. The consequence is they led people to believe they have the right and are justified in the act they say is for you. To make you feel better about their fight to correct a wrong. Seeing an injustice one should speech out and do what they can to right it. To profit from it morally is good but to line the pocket of an origination to make it right maybe wrong. Many of the groups are politically motivated they want the power to say how their will, will be done. I believe that everyone has at one point or at sometime loved someone of thing only to find that it was not return or it was wrong, or they did not have the right. With any right there is a price, the price to be responsible. Free speech is a right. To say something that will cause harm to others is not responsible. In the sixties a cause I still believe in was equal rights, I was watching the news as a reporter interviewed a marcher on the way to Alabama, he ask the person what the march was all about, the person replied; he did not know he was just following the others. There is an animal called a Judas goat it leads sheep to slaughter. There was a time that people believe that the world was flat. There are some that still do. When I set my table for all to come and eat, you won’t find yogurt at the table. I am highly allergic to it. It would kill me if the amount of it that would be left on a speck of dust were to be ingested. I have the right to protect myself. I don’t have the right to deny my guest too their yogurt. They just have to keep it away from getting to me.

Thank you for your time. God bless.

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