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Saturday, January 15, 2011

lot of animals

Mouse wants to vote. I tell him that he can’t vote because he doesn’t know how. He says that most people don’t know how either. There is one thing that I and mouse do agree on is that people should treat animals better. Animals do a better job of taking care this old planet then men do. They clean up after each other and live in peace with each other. It is man that makes war that kills just to kill. Mouse says just look at the dogs they has served man for thousands of years, and have been loyal friends. A dog is full of love, faith, and hope. Is this not what man is suppose to be. Mouse says that he has many friends and family that have work long and hard to make man better, and give him hope. Dogs show men how to love unconditionally. Mouse says show him a man that don’t like a dog and he will show him a rope trick. Hey mouse that not nice. Mouse says that he doesn’t know about women and elephants’, they get all up set at the site of him; he is a nice guy and wouldn’t hurt them. Mouse says he wants a law that will protect animals form abuse and one that lets them live in peace. He wants all to have a safe and happy home. Hey mouse what you are going to do with that rope. You’re what? I ‘m going to teach that fellar that beat that dog, how to dance. I’m going to put it around his neck and over that limb then see if he can dance to these nine shooter music. Now what the heck are you doing? I’m just going to give this rattler a home in his pants. Hey mouse don’t you think you gone far enough. Nope I’m going to put a cat in his shit. Now what? These ants need a place to hang out I ‘l put them in his pockets. Mouse you are getting out of control. Just wait a minute, pepper what are you? He smelled bad enough without you spraying him. Why did you have to get the skunks involved? Mouse we have work to do. Cut him down. And let’s get those cow rounded up.

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