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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

lot of building

Building a home, what do you need? What kind of home? Made of mud and sticks, or made of stone, made of glass, what will it be? Where will it be? Would you build where it is safe? How big would you make your home? Would it be a one room shack, shared with roaches and rats? Or would it be a great mansion with forty rooms and a staff of ten to maintain it? Would the roof be made of glass so you could see the star at night? Would you build a home made of an old discarded card board box next to a garbage dumpster in a damp lonely alley? Or would you build a home on the range where the buffalo roam and the deer and antelope play? Would you build your home in town with all its sights and sounds? Would your home be a place where you and your kids are safe from harm? Would your home have windows, which you could see out but the world could not see in? Would your home have walls where you could put pictures for friends and family to see? A house is made of stick and stone; a home is made of love and caring (hot fresh homemade buttermilk biscuits with honey butter). There are a lot of people that have made face book a home. We all need to care for our safety; work together to keep it clean and make it a safe home for all. There are a million plus windows and walls and a lot of rooms, in this and home. Should there be any room for snakes, roaches and rats?
Thank you for your time and god bless
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Ed Lawrence said...

Well seeing that I live in Colorado a big log cabin in the rockies will do me just right! Speakin of places, you have a nice place here Roy...Keep up the good work and keep on sharing!

Jessica M said...

I used to want to live in a great big house. After crash landing in our little pad that we found ourselves in now we've found that we don't nearly need the space we once thought we did. A 3 bedroom ranch with an acre or two, woods around us, maybe near open floorplan...that would do just fine! :)

I enjoy your blog!

David said...

Lived in Savannah for the majority of my life and I'm pretty content here but really loved living in Europe...A Swiss Chalet in Murren or an Amsterdam canal houseboat would be very nice though. If only I could win the lottery :)

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