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Monday, January 10, 2011

lot of causes

Causes and more causes, Right to life, environment, no more pet abuse, no more homeless pet, animal right, illegal immigration, sierra club, child abuse, what is your cause? Feed the homeless, habitat for humanity, anti smoking, anti porn, human rights, gun ownership, health care, what are the issues? Who is behind them? Who is leading them? Where do I stand? Where do you stand? For the next’s week or so I will look at some of them. I will do the research and start a poll, on some of them. I will try to find out what the motivation is behind them and report my finding. I will tell you where I stand on them and why.
Right to life prolife anti abortion, Women’s Rights, Planned Parenthood. Just where is written that a woman must do as society says. I am a man, in society I am expected to do and think, as I please, obey the laws and gods commandments. The only place I have found where a woman must do as she is told is in the bible. If she has married she vows to obey, love, honor, and cherish to death do they part. Life begins at conception at birth it is a human being and given free will to live or die. For the nine months before its will is that of the woman that carries it. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach it to use its will within the guidelines of society. Society does not have the right to deny a woman right to do with her body as she wills. The responsibility is hers and hers alone. These are the facts, they may be hard for some to except. I do not want any women to have an abortion. I do not have the right to deny her one. The law Row V Wade should not be if any law should be it is that a woman has the same right as a man to living her life. This is where I stand.

Anti abortion; the best way to stop the practice is to teach the young men and women that intercourse is not what love is about. Stop the commercial ads that use sex ploys to sell product. Abstinence is the only good abortion. The money spent lobbing congress if use to run two for one ads to educate the public that sexes ad are sent the message that it is ok to play around is faults. This nation, this society is not free till all have equal rights. A law that impinges or denies anyone a rights because of gender enslaves us all.

Society and religious groups would have us believe that they are a better judge on how a person should or should not live. Where do you stand?
Thank you for your time. God bless.


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