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Thursday, January 20, 2011

lot of horse

Horses, wild about horses, horses are wild animals and friends with man. I have had the good fortune to have one or two as friends. According to law I own them, but I don’t think you can own a wild animal. A horse will work for you for feed and grooming, he will earn his keep. But he is still a wild animal. The first and my most favored horse friend name was Ebonies Star a desert Arab, I just called him ebb. He stood 14 hands that is about 56 inches or 4 foot 8 inches. He was short coupled and black from nose to tail. He could work cattle with the best and was a good roping horse. You could put an infant on his back and he would be a gentle as a mother holding her child. If you know how to ride he would be full of getup and gone. He loved to horse around and be very playful. He would pick up or pull off my or his saddle, I’m not sure who it belonged to, off the fence rail and dropped it at my feet. I knew he wanted to go for a ride. We would go on long treks in to the Rockies and camp out on ant flats in northern Utah. When I made camp I would take off his saddle and bridle then he would run kick up his heels and chase rabbits. It was fun to see him run wild and free. We were just walking up the trail in Scare canyon along Scare creek, when we came up on a black bear, will ebb just charged past me and reared up and the bear went stumbling across the creek and running up the other side of the canyon. I think that bear is still running. It all happen so quick that I didn’t have time to think about what was going on. I guess that old bear got the scare of his life. But that’s Scare canyon for you. Ebb look out for me and I could and did talk to him about anything, he always lessoned and would acknowledged with a blow or shake of his head. I have never had a better friend man or beast then ebb. Thank you for your time and god bless

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