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Friday, January 14, 2011

lot out west

Riding the fence, I have rode many a fence I my days, but the ones made of barbed wire; well they give a new meaning to saddle sore. Mouse and I have found that a good padded saddle blanket help ride them. Some fellar said “why do you ride fence”, I told him, well there is a couple of rattle snake and bear on that side and a lynch mob on that side, and beside that I think I can out run the snakes and the I can chase off the bear and if I can get to my horse I can ride on out of here. And as far as those snakes go I figured I could get one and fix up some beans well you know they taste like chicken the snake that is! Now if I can get my pants unstuck I might jump on the rattler and take off on the greener side with the bear. Hey mouse saddle up old paint and lets get where we ain’t.

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