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Friday, January 21, 2011

what's a cowboy

I went to Wal-Mart the other day as I walk in there was a little boy pointing at me. He said to his mom “look mom there is a real cowboy”. Well that made feel a little younger and put a little spring in my step even throw it hurts to walk. As I went about my shopping I started to think about why the little boy called me a cowboy. There were other men wearing cowboy hats in the store. Why point at me, I am a more then old enough to be his mother grandpa? Just what is it that makes a man a cowboy? It‘s not the hat, boots or the vest. I was not riding a horse. I was not wearing a six gun. No big belt buckle and I was wearing loafers not boots; Just my hat a plaid shirt, vest and Levis and a coat. I know; I am not a cowboy, at least not one that works or live on a ranch. I guess I been playing a cowboy most of my life. So what is a cowboy? I have gone on line and Google it. And found that there something that make up a cowboy. Honesty that is the core of a cowboy, not with others but with himself. Courage to right a wrong, not of his own making. Standing tall, even when he is flat on his back. Taking pride in his work. Ride for the brand, giving a full day work for a day’s pay. Keeping his word.
About a two hundred year ago young men went west some were alone some had family and friend that came along. They may have had a horse, some walk. They did not have anything but the clothes on their back or what they could carry. They learn to live each day and deal with what the day would bring. No laws, no code, just make do to stay alive; the land was teaching them just what is valued. The only thing he could keep were the thing he was taught by his mom or dad to survive the loneliness. Finding work to care for cattle started to teach him just what to value. When a man has all the time in the world to think and take in what is about him. He leaned he had to do what had to be done. There was one to do it for him. A cowboy code is not wrote down it is a way of living beside most of them could not read or write.
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Sandy said...

I like your blog, kind of earthy and real. I found you on FaceBook on the Bloggers Network. My FB page is Toby and Max Jewelry. Visit and like if you have a hankering. (Is that how you say it????) Will check back and see what you have for sale.

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