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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All around cowboy’s dream

Ride for the brand; get them doggies out of the stand, up at dawn, no time to yawn, bacon and beans, if you know what I mean. Pass the briskets please. All day in the saddle I dream, someday I will have a ranch. It’s a hard life they say, but they don’t know I pray, it will stay that way; to be out there where the wild things play. In town on payday Saturday night, not looking for a fight; but will to stay where the wild things play. They say it takes courage to live this way, but they don’t know it’s where the wild things play. The air is clean, the water runs clear, have nothing to fear, where the wild things play. There is a rodeo in town, praise the clown, ride a wild bronco, that the game. Win I might if I come in first in the go round, it’s just how the wild things play. Buckle and purse if you come in first; eight second ride that will tan your hide or break your pride; Just to be where the wild things hide. Look over there a,” all around cowboys dream”


Kriti said...

Oh Roy - I loved this more that all your other posts - this is so cool : )

Anonymous said...

I like the word play here, Roy. Also, it really give you an idea of the cowboy life. Well done!

Royal Nirupam said...

Cool and soothing, only that i can say

Roy Durham said...

thank you all , the funny thing is the cowboy is living a dream but dream's of a dream

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