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Friday, February 11, 2011

first flight of the Benjamin

Some of you may know that I am also known as “the spaceman that fixes things”. Well mouse and I have been working on a new time and space craft. It is designed to carry quite a few passengers; you are invited to join us as we travel to all parts of this world. The name of the craft is Benjamin after my grandson, who said I was a spaceman. The ship is powered by time space energy, sometimes called dark energy. It is capable of near light speed, and we will be cursing at 98% of the speed light at an altitude of 250 miles. We will be stopping at some places. You will have time to visit, look around and some places have places to shop, so please do. These are the first followers of my blog and I would like to show them a thank you for their support. Before you come back onboard please leave them a thank you note/comment on their post. Our first stop is in India. The young man writes stories and good ones at that. Next stop is in California USA, Ester Bell writes about life and feeling. Give her a big hug. Now it back to India for the in flight movies reviews. Next is Camellia Azzahra in Indonesia; she writes about technology and has many free down loads. last stop is in the UK she write about anything and makes jewelry. Well, we back safe and sound; I hope you have enjoyed the trip. Thank you for fling with us. God bless


EstherBelle said...

Here's a big hug for YOU Roy!! Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Storyteller said...

It was a long time since I logged on. And I went through your posts. Loved them. And thanks for mentioning me.

NB: I started posting again. Let me know what you think of them...Have a nice day

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