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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

lot more space 2

experiment 3
To recap what I think we know or what we have found. A space void of matter can exist. Matter cannot exist without a space or void as you prefer. A point in the laws of physics energy cannot be destroyed it can only be changed in form. A thought is energy. In math zero raised to any power equals one; 0 times the power of 1 = 1. A universe, void of matter is zero to the raised too infinity +1power equals one. This is one subject I will not go into at this time; it is proven to be true. Time is a quotient of distance between two points,the divident, of the velocity acceleration of energy change, the divisor. time= distance/speed. Energy can and does become matter, a change in from. Matter can and is change, transformed, into energy. The world clock time standard is an atomic device the measure the rate of decay of a cesium atom, a change in from of energy.
There is an experiment that is performed in most grade school science class, which one can observe. A bell jar and a ice cube. The ice cube is place in under the bell jar and the air is pumped out of the jar. If the pump is very good and pulls the air out fast, the ice cube will explode, the fragment of ice will boil and the jar will fill with steam. Then condense as water drop. As the air pressure is the jar reaches 0 PSI all the water is in the form of vapor and is pump out of the jar. Water is the only substance that can readily be found in all three states in the same place and time. Another way this energy change, transformation, a can be observe is on a cold night get a group of people around a camp fire or they can just huddle close together to stay warm. Have one or two eat a big bowl of beans. It may take a little time but someone will pass a little aw hum maybe gas. Then watch the group dissipate. Solid, liquid, gas, these are the states of matter, in the examples we can observe the change of state and the change of energy. Somewhat like the big bang. We know that energy can and is stored in matter. We use this process every day, all day and night. We see thought energy become a new device made of matter every day. Science has yet to take energy and turn it into matter??
if you like try this it is a little more tech.
To be continued
Thank you for your time. God bless.


Kriti said...

We are really getting to the core of this now : )

Roy Durham said...

fasen your seat belt we may jump into hyper space lol

JIM said...

Need to read your post after I have been awake for awhile lol
although I could save money on coffee
Thanks Roy

Royal Nirupam said...

Don't forget to take me to the hyper space journey,advance booking requested.sensing more interesting in the pipe line.

Anna L. Walls said...

I'd love to see that experiment with the ice cube.

sulekkha said...

Roy,Enjoyed reading your post but am yet to understand it fully, thanks for sharing.

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