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Thursday, February 24, 2011

lot more space continued

Another point observed here is that science and religion don’t have real fight. I have said it before many scientists are deep believers in god. To make a good cake or build a house the apprentice watches the master chef or carpenter like a hawk observes and tries to imitate the master. A child explores his neighborhood, a parent shields and put rule in place “don’t go near the water”. The explorers of this world have been distrusted and their story has not been believed. The world is flat; the sun goes around the earth, in the dark ages religions ban, lock up, burn at the stake anyone that would say different; as witches, wizards, and evil doers all, if they spoke of their knowledge.

Drifted a bit here, so back to the dark energy, space energy. Astrophysicists have observed that there is something out there in space. They cannot explain, matter and energy, that cannot be seen, but it is there. In fact there is more of it then what we know of our normal understanding of the universe. It has been found that all the matter and energy that we see and use is only 5% of what there is. Here on the internet we each read or visit a small percent of the web site, blogs, social media, interact with a small few. But there are millions of site that we just can’t get to in a day’s time. We don’t know about most all of them. But we do know they exist.
Here is something else to think about, we breath air, we see the thing around us we move, and less there is some difficulties in doing so, we do not take note of it. Here is something I bet you do not know. Star dust, Star bright, star light, first star I see tonight, a wish I may, a wish I might, have the wish I wish to night. Don’t know who wrote it but science has found; the dust that you find all over your home clean up and discard, contains star dust. Yea tiny pieces of a star in your home and in your hand if you pick it up. And now put some in your pocket and smile you have I piece of a star of your very own.

For a more in-depth look at this subject go to this NASA site
thank you for your time , take care of your little star and god bless


Anna L. Walls said...

Dust in my house - you don't even want to see the dust in my house. I guess I'm star-touched (or duster-deficient) haha

Sherry said...

I love the thought of star dust in my home!

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