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Thursday, February 17, 2011

lot o time

Time travel
From a point in the laws of physics ‘matter cannot be in two or more places at same time. We would need to find a duplicate univerce that we could somehow page through the events of the past or the future. Two pieces of matter cannot occupy the same space. Time is non-dimensional it has no past or no future, it not even a measurement. It is only a reference point in space that we once past. With all that being said let me tell of my time travel. The year was 1969 June or May sometime around that, I was read a week old news paper. The reporter was telling a story about a lost gold mine that was up in the mountains not far from where I was living at the time. Believe it or not the mine was called the old Mc Donald mine, (I thought he had a farm oh well.) he was very clear on the where about‘s of the mine, he listed some landmarks that I was very familiar with. It was up a canyon known as Malan’s canyon. the story went on to tell of the way life was in the area in the 1920’s and 30’s.

I was inspired by the story and being it was Saturday and I had the weekend off, the canyon was about a mile from the house and the mine if it existed would maybe a half mile up the canyon. My wife was 7 months along with our first child, so she did not want to come along on this miss adventure. I load up a shoulder bag with a rock pick, gold pan, garden hand shovel, bottle of water, and some snack crackers, and my toy of a metal detector. Off I went up the canyon, (more up then anything). Malan’s canyon is more of a narrow ravine than a canyon all up hill. One by one I found the landmarks that the reporter had told about in his story, as I did, I found that I was going back in time to the 1920.

I could see the things that were there back then. The marks on the trail, the old mining cart, and the old track from the trolley that use run up to the hotel on top of Malan’s peak. This was fun, the story in hand as a treasure map to some lost fortune. Well I made it to where the cabin and mine was supposed to be, I could not see it. Looked around and checked the story one more time, then I spotted the remains of the cabin. I took out my metal detector and started to snoop around looking for anything of value or history. Then it happen the detector screamed there was something under the ground made of nonferrous metal. I put down the detector and start to dig like a wild man with the garden shovel. It was just an old Prince Albert tobacco tin, what a letdown. I started to give it a good toss when I could tell that there was something in it. I took out my knife and pried it open and there dumped out in my hand five twenty dollar gold pieces.
Jumping for joy and yelling “I struck I rich ha ha he he, I’m rich” It is I good thing that I was up in the canyon or someone would have lock me up in the Looney bin. A twenty dollar gold piece was worth about 100 dollars at that time and I only made 250 a month and baby dew in a month or so. I was rich. I load up my things and put the coins in the can just the way I found them, and put it in the shoulder bag.
Head home was a race to see just how fast I could get there, the vision of my wife dumping out the coins on our kitchen table, glower like the sun on the way back down the trail. Running most of the way I stumble and fell rolling head over heels down the trail. Pick up myself up and ran some more. When I got home yelling and hollering about the house I open the bag and found just rusted pieces of the tin. Well I won’t repeat my word but I knew just where to find the coins. We jump in the car a drove up the trail head; but were stopped cold in our trek. There were police and the sheriff all over the place and they were not letting anyone up the canyon. It seem some boy scouts had found the remains of a nurse that and been missing for a couple of years. We went home and I return to the spot where I had fallen the next weekend. Could not find any of the coins found a piece of the tin but no coins. All I can say is a fool and his money is soon parted. Time travel may be.
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Debbie said...

I've always wanted to do some metal detecting, but never have. I think it would be neat to find little hidden treasures.

Thanks for sharing Roy

Royal Nirupam said...

Excellent article.but beg to differ about time.Some time its truly a measurement.and worked out to have dimensions also,and not just a reference point

sulekkha said...

Roy, Liked the old Mc Donald Mine and felt your elation on finding the gold coins and then your frustration on losing good time travel.

Mary said...

this was a great story. Have you considered submitting them to an appropriate magazine or paper.?

William Kendall said...

Funny story! I was wondering when I saw some grammar and spelling issues early on, but it comes across more as the "voice" of the narrator then oversights.

JIM said...

lol what a great story sad but funny at least for the reader not for you so much lol
This will be a story that your family will be telling years after your gone.

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