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Saturday, February 19, 2011

lot of fear and anxiety

It is with a lot of fear and anxiety that I make this post.

Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. I am at a lost as to how to deal with them, for three years now I have been trying to get to some agreement with them. Things beyond my control have force me to take out chapter 13 bankruptcy. Having a heart attack, six stents put in my heart, loss of work and loss of the physical ability to work in a normal line of work. My wife having the sever onset of Alzheimer means I have to stay home to care for her. I started this blog in hopes that I could bring in more income to supplement my social security, pay my mortgage, and keep food on the table. The Obama make homes affordable program, offers a loan modification that would lower our payments and make it possible to stay in our home. However; I have sent in the requested papers, fill out the forms, pleaded and beg, prayed for them to allow us the loan modification. They tell me that we do qualify for the program but they just stonewall us and deny that we sent them the request or that the paper work is missing. We are not alone in this battle with Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. Check these complaints or or there is more!! About 21,000,000 results (0.12 seconds) on Google!!!
In court last Thursday February 17 we were force to convert to a chapter 7 because they have not come to the table with anything but stall tactics, the judge said he would have to dismiss the case base on the fact that no agreement on the mortgage loan modification has been worked out. This means that in five to six months we will loss our home unless they will agree to the loan modification or I can find some way to refinance my home. Because of our current bankruptcy status no bank can or will refinance our home.
I am asking for help, if you know of some way or someone that can and will help me save my home please let me know; my email is roy_durham@msn.con. (My funds to fight are gone!!) There are something’s you can do that might help, one is praying for us, two if you can check out the ads here. I have been told that if someone click on them and buys what they are selling I will be paid a fee; you could buy a book or something from roy’beep store at the bottom of this page. Or if you can make a donation at the PayPal button, any amount will help. But most of all please pray for us.
Thank you for your prays and god bless you.

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