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Monday, February 21, 2011

lot of space

Space Void Energy Theory
I am a novice amateur student of physics. So this may not be anything more than a fools exercise in mental gymnastics. Dark energy as referred to by astrophysics. Refer to matter and energy that cannot be seen. I do not like the term “dark energy” as it is applied here. I prefer “space energy” and I will use it is used in this article. I define space as an area or volume void of matter.

Mind Experiment 1
If we remove all space from the universe. What would happen to all matter? Would the atoms collapse and form a black hole or not exist? Would all the energy in the universe explode or not exist? Would energy in some form exist? E=mc2: m= 0 c= 90,000,000,000,000,000 (the speed of light in meters squared second) therefore E = 0.

If we type on a typewriter and the carriage is stuck all the typing is in one spot, you would put a hole in the paper or just have a black spot on the paper. You could not read what was written? For it to be read the letters and words need to be spaced. We can define our existence by the space between ourselves and all other matter. Time is a reference point in space where we exist. Could it be that time = the distance from one atom to another atom times the speed of light? Or the distance from the proton to electron times the speed of light. The paper that we typed on has dimension typically 8 by 11. The universe as we know it, has no edge, and is continues. The paper has depth about 0.020 inches and is made up of matter. The space between the letters as well as in the shape and form of the letter give definition to what is written. We can see that the paper can exist without word being type on it. And we can see that the words cannot exist without the paper. We can conclude that space can exist without matter, and matter cannot. There is another observation is that space runs seamless though all the words on the paper. It allows the words to exist, in that does not interfere with but supports the words. It holds each letter the same.

Now there is another story that was written about an abyss or void or space, it starts out “in the beginning”. And the word was good, and is god, the words “I am” simple says I exist. I know of no greater proof of god’s existence, and no greater love than to be allowed to exist and do as I will and to join with in the word on the space on the paper.
thank you for your time and god bless


Roy Durham said...

befour time we existed an event horizon we exist in time and exist to join the next existence at our next event horizon in heaven.

Kriti said...

Splendid!!! I just love this one Roy - indeed what other proof of an almighty does one need - the greatest scientist of all. I will be forwarding this to my Dad - I am sure he will have a lot to say about it : )

Jim said...

As good a theory as any, Roy.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Awesome..where was I all this time..will read all...

Anna L. Walls said...

Really cool analogy. Reading more

tapas said...

Kudos, Roy. I am not even an amateur physicist. But the incisive search for the only real goal in this world surfaces even for an ordinary man like me.

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