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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lot of time i.e. miles

The odometer on this mass of bio-matter reads 39,578,490,000.?Miles; Plus a few 100,000,000.0 miles around the neighborhood. What the heck is this old fool talking about? I am sure you are thinking. Well it’s this way, which is the mileage that has traverse by the planet and I since I was born in space. 5,872,927,680,000 miles one light year and my life is in light years 0.00673 light years, so it is much easier to say I am 64.5 year past the point of my event horizon. Is your head spinning yet? I can jump in my old ford and drive to the place that the event happen, that would take ruffle ten hour, or 700,000 miles as the earth flies. But when I got there I would have 39,578,490,000+miles to go back to where it happen. Even at light speed it would take 2.136 days to get there. I guess I am an infant now just 2.136 days old. Time travel, ok!

Consider this: a new vehicle is setting on a sales lot it has a 100.000 mile warranty, at 70,000 miles per hour, as the earth flies, it is out of warranty in 1.429 hours, or not maybe so.

Thank you for the time, err mile, smiles, aspirin helps. God bless


Debra said...

Numbers... mind-boggling Roy:) But interesting facts nonetheless.
~ Blessings,

Roy Durham said...

time is a funny concept we try to make more of it then there is or not

Kriti said...

I agree with Debra - numbers always have gone above my head. Mind boggling! But the facts are so amazing : )

sulekkha said...

Roy, you lost me at The but I am impressed by the technical aspect of your post and wish I was able to calculate, maths was my Waterloo in school.

Royal Nirupam said...

I am not past, I am not future,neither old,nor the child.your concept might be. i am the time simple time, on the dot.

Anna L. Walls said...

Oh my, but your time travel machine only travels into the past - fine by me. haha

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