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Saturday, February 26, 2011

lot of universe

One more thought is the universe as simple as this; can we explain it with the most dynamic thing that we use in our daily lives. We drink it, we play with it, and we use it to grow thing, that right WATER. Think about it? The water cycle from ice to liquid to vapor and back; Water life giving water. Is the star some hail stones of in a cosmic storm, is dark energy the vapor steam, and is dark matter the frozen waste of the universe? I don’t know but it seems to me that the water cycle is a blue print of the universe. What do you think? Post your thoughts.  Please comment, it is important to all who will read. 
Thank you in advance for your thoughts, God bless 


Royal Nirupam said...

Roy see, we have landed to our favorite field, Roy you are extraordinary,lets draw more people to our field of interest. but fine post, forgive me to say, you can post more beautiful post,do it please. waiting to see that.

Anna L. Walls said...

I think the universe is mirrored in everything we look at. As I see it, in all things, in some way, in some manner, large or small, everything is cyclical. All things come and go and come again. Life, creation, planets in their orbits, the solar system in its universe, atoms, molecules. In absolutely all things a circle can be found.

Anonymous said...

There's a saying that everything that comes around goes around. I believe this to be true so by the same token I must agree that the cycle of water is a primary example. Beautiful post, Roy.

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