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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lot of without

There are some basic needs to be able to live, air, water, food. Without air you will live 3-5 minutes, without water about 10 days, you can go about a month without food. Any one of these with out’s is fatal. To deprive any one of these is murder. In a natural disaster food and water are the first supplies needed to save lives. People in prison are not deprived of these lives essentials. To deprive people of water is manslaughter, genocide, murder. Watch the video I have posted here, listen to the song cool water, and then tell me how we can let this go on. We have the power to stop this; you have the power right in front of you. Face book, has help to over throw a government, and change the lives of many. Is there any one of you that would refuse to give a child or a dying man a drink of water? This problem is not unique to any country is a worldwide problem. We spent billions for defense of countries and trillions on health care. We need to stop the greedy bastards that put their wallet ahead of human life. By giving every person free supply of water, the amount of water that we flush down the toilet would save a Childs life. Doctors found year ago that washing their hands does stop the spread of infection. Every person has the right to 2 one half gallons of free clean water per day. Yes it does cost to deliver water to many, but it is a cost that should be borne by our governments. No one should have to pay for the right to live. We have the technology to make this happen. We need to give our governments the will to make it happen. There is plenty of water for everyone; we just have to find the way to make it available to all. In the name of the people who are dying at this moment for the lack of free clean safe water I ask you to join this crusade to give a free two and one half gallons of water per person per day. If you have had your water turned off you know what I am saying is true. Every water-suppler should determent the amount of water that is needed per household and deliver it freely, and not turn it off because the household does not have the ability to pay. Farmers should allotted enough water to raise the food we all need and they should pay a small fee to do so. Industry should pay the most for water and be the last to get water.
thank you for your time and god bless


Aznzar said...

I think there are problems concerning this issue. The root of the problem is not Coke, not irrigation, its human OVERPOPULATION in areas that can’t support it, in a finite environment with limited resources!
A guy who cant afford the water hookup shouldnet have several kids he also cant afford!
“Factories pollute water to this day. Polluted water means more sick people. The pharmaceutical industry is booming. Also, the Water business (which should be an oxymoron as we all (plants and animals included) need water) is booming. ”
Of course, and that’s ALL connected directly to overpopulation! the more people the more things they need and the more factories have to be built!

Roy Durham said...

aznxar i agree that overpopulation is a problem however; all life has a righful claim to water, it is wroug to keep it away from anyone. we can live without factory we can and should make it to there all have access to water.

Kriti said...

Roy - I cannot even imagine a plight like you have described - that is so heartrending... However, I can confidently say I do my part ... I hate wasting water and do not tolerate it even when any family, guest, friend etc etc do it. I put my foot down - however, that's a small foot and a very small step - wish I could do more ...

Scott R said...

Evening Roy, Yes water as well as food should be a basic human right but governments from around the world including the UN can and will use them as a weapon to control their populations. Until that changes there will always be those that will be without. As to the overpopulation I myself think it is starting to be a problem and it will be a drain on resources unlike we have ever seen. Can we do better, yes but it will take a whole lot of cooperation world wide that I just don't see happening at this time..

P.S. Roy I don't think I would make it the 10 days with no water here in the summer, 2-3 maybe...

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