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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

lot of bear

The old west about a hundred fears ago, this was a wild place, Indians, outlaws, and rattle snakes ; this story is about one that terrorize, Utah, Idaho , and Wyoming from 1911 to 1923 when he was laid to rest. The Indians haled him with the respect of a god, outlaw ran wild with fear of him, and rattle snake would find a hole to hide in if he was around. It is reported that he attach a wagon train near south pass and killed three horses and aged people twenty years just from the site of him. He still strikes fear around the camp fires today although he has been dead seventy seven years. A lot of what has been told about him is probably fiction but some tells are true. When I was about twelve when a man by the name of Frank Clark told us Boy Scout about the night he had killed Old Ephraim the king of the Rockies Mountain! Here is that story

Poem To Old Ephraim by Nephi Bott

Old Ephraim, Old Ephraim

Your deeds were so wrong

Yet we built you this marker

And sing you this song

thank you for your time and god bless


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