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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

lot of awards

Oh de yodelly de day, do de yodelly oh
Tis task see lady did say
De yodelly de day, tease de yodelly may
Surprise me eyes
 Tis yodelly lee day, has de yodelly dew
You say, are versatility too
 De yodelly de day, my de yodelly too
Has been awarded by you
What can I say?
Ya hooo!!!  Thank you

Seven things about me they say.
1. I am the seventh first born son the oldest.  Heir patriarch of the Durham’s generation’s family legacy,
2. I am married to a loving wife of 44 years.
3. I have five children the youngest is 37
4 I have 18 grandkids, and one great grandson.
5. I am a fourth degree Knight, member of the Knight of Columbus and chancellor of my assembly.
6. I am a controversy of an aerospace engineering tech, and old time cowboy, with a spice of British wit and ancient Greek humor and philosophy.
7. Your friend.

The  award it dew these seven few.

1 “A “is on the list Anna of Alaska, your help with my novels is super and very versatile. The award goes to you,

2. Someone you might reed, that versatile is Rod Reed, it is decreed

3. Next is someone you may want to know, Ester Belle.

4. Whose at the door bring in number four? Just starting out, a versatile explorer no doubt Kiran Kota

5. Just trying to survive in the desert with versatile is Scott Rankin.

6. Who do I pick? Megan Johnson is quick and versatile. 

7. a honor forthwith Royal Nirupan Ghosh http://nirupam62.blogspot/

 Lets here it for these seven honored here.

 For all  here this toast “ God Bless”


Anna L. Walls said...

Ooh you're a seventh son??? Are you perhaps the seventh son of a seventh son???

Thanks so much for the award. I'm blushing here.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Sir Roy, Knight of Columbus!! You indeed are a versatile blogger and man of all trades!! Seems you have a nice big family to love and love you, that's a blessing. Great list of bloggers you have given the award to. You have chosen well. :-)

Royal Nirupam said...

My eyes are glimmered with pearls of honor bestowed upon me.My hairs are soaked by the showers of recognition from none other than The Roy Durham.
Thank you sir, Thank you so much.

Kriti said...

Roy - congrats - to you and all the bloggers nominated by you too. HIgh Five to you right from my screen to yours : )

Ron said...

Roy - I love your wit and mind. You are a true mentor. Thank you so much for the recommendation and award :)

R.M. Hepler said...

Congrats on your award! Thanks for the award. Did NOT expect this at all. High five back atcha ^_~

EstherBelle said...

Roy, you are the sweetest man! Thank you!

Roy Durham said...

thank you all, kriti, sweep jean, and to th seven thank you tell seven thing about you. add seven more awards. you all a truly versatile. thank you and god bless

Isabelle Man said...

Congratulations to everyone here...cheerio~~~ :)

Scott R said...

Congrats Roy and thank you very much for the mention, you are a breath of fresh thinking air Roy and your posts are appreciated. I am slowly getting out of my funk of sickness here and hope to get some posts out in the near future. Have a great day all.

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