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Monday, March 28, 2011

Lot of rest

Good morning another rise
Cup of coffee
Wash the sand from my eyes
Let the dog out

The sun has yet to rise
Time to get dress
Two fried eggs, bacon, hash browns,
And toast on the side

News paper, just for a look
 A story I might prize

Just another day
They all start this way
I need a change
From this same old start of a the day

Good morning loud
Thank you for the rest
I have a request
If you have the time

That would be fine
Have a cup of coffee with me
Breakfast too, if you have the time
It great that we can talk
I do have to go work

And you need a rest
So lay your head on my bed
I hope your rest is bless
I will try to do the thing you request

I know I can from you I have been bless
Just one last request, bless this day
Like all the rest
Thank you and god has bless you


sulekkha said...

Thank you god for your blessings. Roy , you eat a hearty breakfast, for me it's only fruits and milk.

Anna L. Walls said...

Made me hungry. Good morning.

Jessica said...

Not a bad start of the day...I can never go without my coffee :)...The same old thing isn't always that bad ;)

May God bless you and yours.

Kriti said...

Oh I love that breakfast - as a matter of fact - that's exactly what I had today in Vegas. Added some watermelon juice to wash it down. slurp slurp. What a sweet poem Roy

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