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Friday, March 18, 2011

lot of truck

About this old ford truck
It’s been thru the mud and the muck
With a lot of luck
She has never been stuck

Four wheel drive
Its 360 Cleveland that hums like a bee hive
Make you think it's alive
It does thrive

In the mountains we go
Pushing a foot of snow
Down in granny low
Gets mite slow

Up and over the pass
Just a little ruff on gas
Won't eat grass
But I think she will last

Found on road dead
Never been said
Still brings home the bread
I just keep her parked in the shed
Crossing a stream
 The cheavy sank
What do you think?
Like a rock

That why it’s a ford
Too cross the stream
Is too a ford


alejandro guzman said...

A beast it is !

Thanks Roy

Royal Nirupam said...

An old friend
My old ford


Kriti said...

Good Truck - like everything around you should rightly be : )

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