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Sunday, March 27, 2011

lot of whisper

What was that, I did not hear
It whispered in my ear
It does take away my fear
It said that it is near

I thought many things
Was it the flutter of a wing?
What magic does it bring?
A whisper that sings

The monsters and trolls take flight
My guardian of the night
Here but out of sight
My guardian will take the fight

It must be a dream
This flutter of wings
Out of sight and unseen
 My guardian angel does bream

My soul it does grace
With blessing from his place
A whisper without a trace
A kiss he leaves on my face

From him to you
His bless to renew
God’s grace I guess you knew
Here is some for you

Thank you and God bless


Lisa said...

thank you for this wonderful post this morning, As I needed to see this inspiration, My oldest son has 2 best friends in the hospital. (1) taking chemo (2) had a heart attack in ICU, Please pray. thank you again,

sulekkha said...

Thank you for the prayers and blessings, makes my day. Thanks once again, Roy. Lovely poem..

Roy Durham said...

i will and for you my prayers for them i pray for gods grace. God Bless.

EstherBelle said...

I needed these lovely words this morning!

Debbie said...

Lovely poem roy, prayers and blessings to you and yours too!

Jane Cranmer said...

Thanks Roy! =)

Mary said...

If you wrote this its your best yet Roy, You did a great job I really enjoyed it . Its beautiful

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