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Sunday, March 13, 2011

your change sir

Tapas responce

From the point of view of a christen, and my understanding of Hindu‘s, karma, good and bad, reincarnation, and the soul. I look at it this way.

Taking a look at the soul; someone once said that “the eyes were the windows to the soul”.  We can watch a movies or TV, but we cannot touch the thing the thing we see. A blind man cannot see the world, but he can perceive the world by what he hears or feels with his hands or his whole body.

If we look at a clear night sky we can see to eternity. What we don’t see or touch is the space the empty void. However we are filled with the space we exist in it, it is part of us and us in it. Yet it is singular. We can and do move about in space. No restrictions free to do as we will. Ok; One god and free will. Nature is part of the space and it has the same properties of belong to and free will; a dog, a cat, the world the same.
A candle is lit, given energy, life, it burns for some time. Nature, a wind, can hasten the burning of the candle, a good wind will make the light brighter. A bad wind will dim or put it out.  Ok; nature, good karma, bad karma.

Science has shown that a candle can be burn and all the energy and matter still exist but in a different form, energy or and matter cannot be destroyed or created it can only be change in from. The information of the candle still exists. That information can be reused.

Science has also shown DNA passes on from through many re generations’ eye color, hair color, the shape of one’s body, as well as health problems. A rose fragrance is the same as the first bloomed. All roses are known buy their fragrance.

The present day internet World Wide Web, information is stored on the web and on our hard drives. An old computer dies and is discarded but information that was on it can be restored.
The soul, life force, ones spirit, is a quantum of space; energy shared with the one, the whole space of the univerce. Soul mates like fingers of a hand, part of one hand, independent but joined to the hand.
“I think there for I am” and he said “I am”.

Thank you and God Bless


Royal Nirupam said...

Roy,allow me to gain some courage,to comment on such a topic.Wait till then my friend.

sulekkha said...

Lovely post, Roy. Liked the way you have explained good and bad karma with the example of candle and the wind.

Roy Durham said...

karma = grace = karma = grace the same. just a difference's name for the same. thank you all for your comments gb

chejom2010 said...

great post roy...i enjoyed reading...keep it up....

Kriti said...

Roy - wow that is what I believe is the essence of karma - nothing less and nothing more. I come from the earth and will go back to it - so what if now in this form I can war jeans and lipstick - I am still the earth : ). Can't wait for Dad to read this... Thanks a ton!!!

tapas said...

Hey Roy, I have already read and responded to your article in 'Lassi with Lavina' where you have so kindly copy-pasted it. But I would have missed the entire art work had not Kriti led me here. Beautiful, Roy, not only the art work, but the mind behind it too. Thanks friend, God bless.

EstherBelle said...

Makes sense to me!!

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