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Sunday, April 10, 2011

an award

I got a wonderful surprise to today. I have been awarded again the versatile blogger. Wow!  Now seven more things about me. Well I am over weight and an old whiskey drinking broken down crippled ornery corny cowboy. Is that seven things?  Don’t laugh it true. Now for the fun part seven new recipients of

1 hi taboo he is down under.  
2 well it not just one blogger it a group that “we have a story”
3 somewhere I think I heard this young lady has a birth day so happy birthday she deserve this without having a birth day.
There are four more I will post later. For now give these honoree a visit and comment on their work it’s good.
Thank you and God Bless


Kriti said...

Roy - double versatile then. I so agree. Congrats to you dear Roy and to all who you have named here. Wonderful selection : )

Jim said...

Kriti, you better head on over to my Award ceremony.....

alejandro guzman said...

Lovely Mate you so deserve it

SJ said...

Totally wonderful that this was presented to you - I'm so proud of you and what you represent, your fabulous ideas that keep me reading and yes the versatility of your posts :) Couldn't have gone to a better person oxox

tbaoo said...

thank you roy .. tremendous honour and very much appreciated .. keep up your own award winning work .. cheers alan (tbaoo)

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