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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Son's Day

Easter Sunday April 24, 2011. What is this all about?  It is about life and sacrifice, birth and death. Life after death and it is about God, and may be about you. About a million years ago man of some sort cave or man ape, Neanderthal or some critter that looks somewhat like us. Found that the beasts of his world would kill and eat the one that could not run fast enough to get away. The beasts would leave them a lone till it got hungry. They also watch caterpillars’ build their cocoons and emerge as butterflies.  How it does not take a PhD to figure out that all this being born and dying and feeding the beast, and being born again. So the smartest sob figure that if they sacrifice something or someone to satisfy the beast they could go on living another day. Because this seems to work the others ask what other bight ideas the sob had.   They want to know why? Yap, that it, that big word.  So he said it was gods that told him what to do. This worked out pretty good for some time.  They went along and when something happen that they did not understand they blamed on god, which god well anything they could see that they could not control and control them was god. Early man could see that something or someone had power over them. They may have come up with a name for this idea. They called it religion. Now they had as many religions as gods. Water gods, sun gods, fire gods, and so on. Now modern man is so smart that he says that it all just nature, you are born, you live and then die. That is it nothing more. Now that may be well and good for some.  A caveman could believe that there is a god. He did not invent god, he could see that there was something that made all things, that something were being controlled by someone or thing. He may have come up with the word or the name but not the existence.  The histories of man has been gathered and publish in many books, the bible is one of many. In it are story that for many years were told to children long before they were written. How do you tell a child how the world was made?  How do tell a child how long it took?  Do you get out the book on nuclear mechanics and tell them how atoms work, would they understand. Or do tell them a story of how it may have worked. Do you know? In the bible god talked to Adam and Eve and they disobeyed him. The next person to hear god speak was Noah he listen and obeyed. The story of creation and the flood of Noah are told in many lands and old texts. They are not word for word, but the message is the same. A god did create the universe and did destroy mankind once upon a time.  The date of today is something that man has made up to mark Christ’s resurrection.  If we to write the date from the beginning of the earth’s existence, it would look something like this 4,000,000,000.25 years give or take a half billion years.  So now what does Easter Sunday mean. Well 2011 years ago a man call Jesus was born give or take some portion of a year.  In the year 33 he was killed on a cross and today three day later he came out of his grave and for forty day he walk among the living. His sacrifice was the allotment sacrifice, why? So some sob can say there is no god, or there is no after life. No heaven. The answer is that a promise made to man has been kept. There are some that can read this and believe in god there some who may laugh and see the humor in what I have wrote and that a promise has been kept.  I am not the one who wrote the stories of the bible nor was I there when Jesus walked the earth but I have been to his place and I know that it is all true.

Happy Easter
 Thank you and God has Bless us all, everyone even the ones that don’t believe.

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Ardith Haws said...

I know it is all true, too. Thank you for your faith, Roy.

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