Roy's beep

Thursday, April 7, 2011

lot F

Fractal face fan fare forth
Follow follower following
Future flights fling fairly far
Frog floats fetching fluttery flies

Flutter falcon feast
Feathered flock farewell
Fine friends follow flight
Feeling fabulous found

Food for furrowed forged fought
Followers following followed
From friends flocks fetch
Flight fantastic flew freckled feathers

Fell fleeting frown fickle files fray
Following fellow followers followed
Fred followed Fran following Frank follows
Fluorescent feathers flame floral frets

Fledgling flight fathers flash
Flag fearless flaying fusion
Fine feathered friends
Fleet, fleet
Thank you and God Bless


Anna L. Walls said...

That is simply amazing, Roy. hahaha

Jim said...

Friend flusters fleetingly. feathered flock flies.
Oh darn, that's all I got.

SJ said...

Frosty Fingers Flowing Freely :) that's all I got too

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