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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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 Karma Kaleidoscope knot

Karma a belief in Hinduism and Buddhism that the way in which you behaved in past lives affects your present life, and the way in which you behave in this life will affect your future lives.

By the time you read this it is in the past, I am writing it at the present. It will have an effect on me and you the reader in the future.

In Christen belief it is called works. I call it a conflict of free wills. We have a force or life energy. How we use it to what end, is a choice we make of our will.

A person can shoot an arrow at a target. The wind can will the arrow to miss or hit the target. The target can will to survive the arrow.
A person worked yesterday using his/her will, and then sleeps suffering the consequences of the use of his/her will today and tomorrow.

All things have the will to exist. Karma or free will is the force of one’s existence “to be or not to be” we have a choice.
Thank you and God Bless


Patricia Lynne said...

That was very beautiful Roy. Great K post.

Anna L. Walls said...

Awesome thought. Really cool pictures.

Anonymous said...

I like the analogy of the arrow and the wind. Very nice post, Roy!

Bish Denham said...

Yours is one of the best, most unique blogs I've had the pleasure to read! Thanks for stopping by mine. husband wants me to I tell you he's delighted to discover someone who finally knows about the law of karma!

Royal Nirupam said...

A very warm heart felt thanks to you,i am touched to find your care for me.Two things has caused my absence here firstly my ailing father-in-law,secondly my job.Being engineering i/c i am very busy to provide hundreds of buses for troop movements for assembly election of our province West Bengal.I miss you too my mentor.and also my other fellow bloggers.Hope to catch up soon.
Nirupam Ghosh

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