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Friday, April 15, 2011

lot M

M is for Mother, what else it could be but mom, or maybe mama or just ma.

Mothers are hard to please,

 but a flower a smile,
 And I love you, even with a dirty face,
Will send shout of joy.

 Moms know how to pray or you would not be here today.
 Ma is there when it hurts, and makes it better.

Mama is the first word you learn to say.
All mama’s go to heaven because they know faith, hope and love.

 So to quote a line from a song
“Mama‘s don’t let your baby grow up to be cowboys”
thank you and God Bless


Anna L. Walls said...

Aw gee, but if mamas didn't allow their babies to grow up to be cowboys, there wouldn't be any cowboys writing poems about mamas. haha

EstherBelle said...

you always make me smile, Roy!

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