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Sunday, April 10, 2011

lot of thinking

Think about it.
Have you ever just sat and thought about all the things you have done wrong, I have. We all have done things that we should not have done, that little white lie, may be that piece of candy, a toy that we stole. What if you got caught and had to pay the price, for everything you have done. What if; someone step up and said they would take the responsibility and take your punishment. Even if it meant they would be kill. Your record would be clean as if you had never did anything wrong. And you would be given a reward of being loved as you are. Two thousand plus years ago, someone did just that. Think about it.
Thank you and god bless


Anonymous said...

The most powerful story with the biggest effect in the history of the world! Nice one Roy!


Debra said...

I do think about it Roy... and now, during lent and approaching Easter I think about it all the time.
~ Blessings

SJ said...

Oh My - powerful thoughts there and yes you just made me think very big about it all.

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