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Friday, April 22, 2011

lot S

Lot S
S is for Savior. 

Today is Good Friday.  Just what does it mean?  I see nothing good about putting an innocence man to death.  I have study this story most all my life. The man Jesus, was he god or messenger from god? His life story is one of a good man. Who love all he met, one who taught us to love our neighbor as our selves. Out of all the men of history he is the only one who did not try to rule the world. He showed us how to live. He gave us the freedom to believe in what he taught. He was found innocence but the public demanded his execution.

 In the past six months we have seen tens of thousands of innocence people die, executed by the hand of nature. Could we have stopped it? We ask god why, how could he let this happen. Peter his best friend and follower denied he knew him. If you were there in the crowd would have called for Barabbas or Jesus.  Could you have said I will take his place, just let him live in peace. I hope I would have. No one came forward to take his place not even his mother. How could we let this happen? Would you have cried for Jesus?  His blood is on all of our hands. The other day a question came up as to who could say a prayer. Do you have to be a, christen to say the Lord’s Prayer. Do you have to be a Jew to read the Curran? Do you have be a Hindu to recite a mantra? Do you have to be a catholic to say a rosary? Do you have to be a Muslim to pray? The answer to all these questions is; it is your choice.  I don’t think that God gives a hoot as to what you call yourself.

 He just loves us in spite of what we have done to his son. His forgiveness is there, you just have to ask for it.

I apologize to anyone who has been offended by this post. I will pray for you.
Thank you and God Bless all  

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JIM said...

If you offended someone I would be greatly shocked and amused. I will not explain why amused. Then I would have to apologize lol. I thought it was very well said.

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