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Saturday, April 23, 2011

lot T

Lot T
T is for … ah yaw… you know it one of them. There was one of them over there. Everybody got a couple of them.  Why is it always one of them?  Do you really need all of them? Well I guess you had enough of them, but there is always room for one more of them. There a bunch of them under the hood of your car and in the Trunk, and on the floor, in the backseat, Just where do, you put all them. Well it’s just one of them.  Now I was told by someone with great authority that I fix them. So I must know a lot about them. Here it is (Things). There are thing-n-bobs and thing-a –ma-jigs, Sue’s things, Tom’s thing, good thing, and bad things. There are worthless things, strong things, something’s, and the wrong thing. There are an awful lot of things. Things go bump in the night; I guess there is the thing. There are said things, and sad things. I guess I will pack up my things and move along, it’s just of one of throws thing.  Take care of things. See you  thank you and my thing God Bless.


Jeffrey Beesler said...

Here's the thing about things. They multiply over time and then everything is about all the things that you'll give anything to have something done to them. Nothing like thinking about things, right?

It's a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge!

Anna L. Walls said...

And then there are the things that are under the things that you can't think of, cause you thought they were somewhere else. hahaha I can't think of things enough to continue this thing so you'll have to think of what I should have thought of in the third place. *ouch* brain sprain.

sulekkha said...

Things are somethings to people and everything to others but the thing is that anything and everything is a good thing but sometimes a bad thing.

Kriti said...

Everything in your blog thing is such a good thing. I love being a part of this thing - ok I know that one stinks but it is something : )))

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