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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

lot W

W is for Water. Did you know in the time that it will take you to read this blog someone will die from dehydration?  It is an odd fact that a person dies every three minutes from the lack of water, it take three minutes to drown.  Water is the blood of life, death from dehydration is a slow and painful way to die.  Here are the steps.
Judge Lynch of the   Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court argued that death by dehydration symptoms was "cruel and violent" in his opinion on the   1986 Brophy case:
  • The mouth would dry out and become caked or coated with thick material.
  • The lips would become parched and cracked.
  • The tongue would swell, and might crack.
  • The eyes would recede back into their orbits and the cheeks would become hollow.
  • The lining of the nose might crack and cause the nose to bleed.
  • The skin would hang loose on the body and become dry and scaly.
  • The urine would become highly concentrated, leading to burning of the bladder.
  • The lining of the stomach would dry out and the sufferer would experience dry heaves and vomiting.
  • The body temperature would become very high.
  • The brain cells would dry out, causing convulsions.
  • The respiratory tract would dry out, and the thick secretions that would result could plug the lungs and cause death.
  • At some point within five days to three weeks, the major organs, including the lungs, heart, and brain, would give out and the patient would die.
Be advised that death due to dehydration can occur in 3 days (or less in hot weather) and no one normally lives more than about 5-6 days without water.

Read more here rehydration project
Most of the deaths are children and elderly. These death, ever one can be prevented no one has to die this way. Yet safe clean drinking water is withheld from millions each day. Utility companies turn off water to thousands every day, because the person does not have the ability to pay. Sound like premeditated murder to me. Pay up or die. Safe low cost or free drinking water should be made available to all. 

What do you think???
Thank you for your time and God Bless.


Kriti said...

Wow that is cruel - W is wretched then...

JIM said...

damn you made me thirsty I need to have a glass of beer , I mean water lol


Anna L. Walls said...

On a planet that is two thirds water, you'd think having clean water wouldn't be an issue, but since it is, making water safe and clean takes manpower, equipment and time, all of which costs something somewhere. Maybe we should learn how NOT to defile our drinking water in the first place.

Yeah, I'm cold, but lines need to be drawn somewhere. If it's free, there's no value. And if there's no value, there's no reason to treasure it.

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